by Paulie Lipman

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In Defense Of Dubstep

Bruce Lee's clenched fist
one inch from contact
Zen in its tension, a
blissful rattlesnake
beneath this
study in stillness is
chaotic potential

With a breath,
a quicksilver vibration
shoots through the wrist
A twitch shifts sine wave
into fission, the air
between fist and focus
This liquid moment
exists in all decisions
peace or destruction
precision and abandon

In dubstep
we just call it
the drop

Out of the
calm pinpoint of nothingness
the screams of a thousand gods bellowed
the universe into being
Molecules collided, atoms smashed
and life as we know it ripped forth from
the black fabric of chaos
little specks in all this infiniteness
have spent the whole of human existence
running from our primitive instincts, trying
to enforce order and peace in this
thrashing, barred teeth of a reality, balance
be damned
All things can exist in serenity, but creation
is possible only through violence
Grace is only hollow without the grotesque
All light and no shadow
can only hope to leave a race blind

With stillness
comes reflection
without anticipation
lessons learned can never
bloom, only
turn and wither into
We are not savages
bent on the destruction
of solitude, but merely disciples
of a new kind of tension
and we have only come here
to celebrate

There are no
set steps, for
as many spines
are fused into this
twisting snake, its heart beat
has evolved amphetamine into
into a new kind of thud rumble
Its writhing, singular mass suddenly
sprouting hips and fists, epileptic
out of sync, but still
And when the rhythm drops out
we just roar
until it slaps us in the face
and we are re-born
ripped again out of the darkness
into this thrashing, fantastic sweaty mess
of a world, eyes full of new found wonder
and smiling, with blood
in our teeth


released May 1, 2012
Words and music by Paulie Lipman



all rights reserved


Paulie Lipman Denver, Colorado

Paulie Lipman has been a part of 8 Denver National Slam Teams(including '04's second place and '06's national champions). His work has appeared in The Legendary, Borderline, and the Write Bloody anthology: The Good Things About America.

In addition to Spoken Word, Pauile is also a musician/composer and is available for hire for commercial/video game/soundtrack work.
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